Circumcision: The Step to Becoming a REAL Man

by the Coalition for Continuing Moronic Traditions (CCMT)

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   Circumcision has many benefits, as millions of circumcised men have known for years. Aside from making doctors who perform the very necessary operation rich beyond their wildest dreams, it helps ensure thousands of boys everyday in the US become a real man.

    As you may already now, the foreskin creates too much pleasure during sex or masturbation. Too much pleasure is unmanly. Circumcision reduces pleasure enough to keep a man in line, the way nature intended. It also makes him tougher, the way a real man should be, and it makes him more holy. If God wanted us to have a foreskin, why would he have given us the great insight to see his mistake in creating us?!

    Now let's contrast an average "natural" man with a foreskin with the average "real man" who was circumcised like God meant for him to be.

The good ol' US makes manhood routine!
Look how happy that baby is!

Natural (Uncut)

Real Man (Circumcised)

   Just look at how the the glans of the uncut guy glistens with radiant sensitivity- disgusting! Look at how the Real Man's glans is hard and dry, the ultimate in masculinity! Also, research shows that women find scars on a man very sexy. The uncut man doesn't have that!

    Men are supposed to be hairy; women also find that very appealing. Thus, another goal of circumcision is to pull hairy pubic skin onto the shaft of the penis. How is a woman supposed to be turned on by a penis with no hair?

    Face it, there are many valid reasons behind circumcision. Research has proven time and time again that altering nature has beneficial results, as seen here.

    Not only is it we in this great civilization of the modern technological world that know the importance of manhood. Cultures from all around share the love. Below are pictures of boys in the process of becoming a real man. You can just see the joy in their faces as they realise they are on the path of conformity to a society of Real Men.

Australian Aborigines

Typical Jewish bris circumcision ritual

This woman has so much love for her son
and his newly found manhood, she is too touched to watch.

More lovely tribal sharing

The Turkish are in on how to become a real man!

Go out and hunt down every uncut
child and get it done today!
It's the only way they'll learn to conform to society!
Don't let them wait to make their own decision, they'll only make the wrong one!

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by Josh Bakehorn

This page was written and drawn by Josh Bakehorn, Copyright 1999, 2000.
Photos were used without permission, kind of like how circumcision is
forced on people without their permission.

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